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Welcome to We provide outsourced affiliate program management services to green businesses and a free online affiliate program directory serving to connect affiliates with businesses offering eco-friendly health and wellness products/services on the Web.

In addition to providing online marketing resources for green businesses and affiliates, Green Affiliate Programs provides free green business consulting and affiliate program management services, all adding up to what we like to call GAP's Green Merchant Business Recipe for Success.


The Ultimate Green Store has many things going for its affiliate program. Besides the fact that it has been with the ShareASale network for over five years, it is one of the more comprehensive all-in-one green living stores offering a large datafeed, and thus primed for cross-promoting a wide range of LOHAS products. With an average order size of approximately $200, and a base commission of 10% tracked by a 60-day cookie, this is one of the best overall affiliate programs to promote green products with.

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The Vanuatu Kava Store is one of leading suppliers of the highest quality Kava powder in the world. Having a recent surge in popularity, Kava is being increasingly used as a natural, non-side-effect-producing alternative to prescription medications for general anxiety. Kava is one of the newest, lucrative niche affiliate marketing opportunities in the health and wellness marke, and the Vanuatu Kava Store gets our highest recommendation.

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YogaDownload is the premiere destination for downloads and instant-play online yoga classes. Offering a huge library of yoga, pilates and meditation classes, this is one of the best converting digital products within the ShareaSale network. YogaDownload offers both ala carte classes and weekly/monthly/yearly subscriptions, paying out generously via a two-tier program. Affiliates earn 12% on tier 1 and 5% on tier 2. Management is provided by Green Affiliate Programs, with a large collection of professionally designed banners available to aid with conversions. Sign up Here.

Art of Tea offers one of the best selections of high-quality organic, and fair trade teas, and offers an outstanding brand presence. Furthermore, they pay an above-average 15% base commission rate tracked by a 90-day cookie. Offering a datafeed and auto-pay with the ShareaSale network, Art of Tea is a unique online retailer offering tremendous niche marketing potential.

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In the United States alone, internet sales for natural products now exceeds annual revenues of $800 million, with the LOHAS sector accounting for nearly 20% and rising. With Broadband internet penetration reaching over 90 million Americans, including increased penetration into rural America, the power of selective affiliate programs is unprecedented for the online green movement and LOHAS sector. It simply isn't enough to launch a website and wait for the traffic to come pouring in. It's been proven that in the largest and most competitive industries, affiliate promotion is essential to maximized eCommerce.

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Ready to Start Your Affiliate Program? provides green-minded businesses a setting to promote their affiliate programs and attract a larger online demographic in the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) sector. We also provide affiliate program management and consulting services. For affiliates, in addition to marketing resources, such as website building tools, we provide an environment for existing and potential eco-minded web affiliates to find green products for promoting and earning exponential revenue. This type of business model is essential to ensuring the green movement and the LOHAS sector thrives in the Web-based world, ultimately serving as a tool for encouraging more people to go green and make conscious consumer choices.




With great promise in clean energy investing, also comes great risk. As an increasing number of companies are seeking to tap into this budding industry, it's a given that some will succeed and some will not. For the most secure investment of all, consider buying U.S. government-backed Clean Energy Victory Bonds. And in order to do that, the bill, which was recently introduced to Congress, needs your pledge of support. Find out how...

  There's been a lot of buzz lately about the potential affiliate marketing benefits of Pinterest. While there certainly is no denying the referral power of Pinterest, not to mention the social media sharing aspect, Pinterest is a young site whose terms and conditions could change at the tip of a hat. At one time using SkimLinks for their own affiliate marketing campaign, Pinterest is keeping pretty hush about how it feels toward affiliate marketing.



The renewable energy sector is experiencing unprecedented growth, backed by government funding and rebates, with an increasing demand on the consumer front. Wind power products, like those offered at, are not only helping homeowners save on their energy bills, but also reduce tolls on the environment directly caused by oil and coal. Considering the limited availability of solar and wind energy saving products in brick 'n mortar retail stores, the internet has become a ripe commercial enterprise for Web-based affiliates promoting solar panels and wind turbines.